Wake up and bake up

Hello all,

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here. I got busy with guess what? LIFE. That’s right. Life. Sometimes life knocks you down, but you just have to put on your sneakers from your favorite brand and keep walking. 

I learned something these past few months. Life is like a chainsaw wielding maniac. You might think you are safe at 3am at your buddy’s birthday party at the abandoned warehouse (that has become a rave spot). But NOPE. This crazy maniac called life with show up with a chainsaw and come at you hard and fast! You can let that crazy beast chop you into a million pieces, or you can run. 

But I just recently found out one more option. You can FIGHT. You might die swinging, but you can give it your best shot. Pick up that lead pipe that is conveniently laying there beside you and just fight back! This chainsaw wielding maniac will keep finding you and keep trying to kill you at every single moment you can possibly imagine. You might think you are safe right now. You know? Things are going pretty good, things are looking up – You just got married, maybe you just got a promotion, maybe you just won the lottery. But no, life will come at you hard and fast. 
You have to wake up each morning and be prepared. Go out into the world as a fighter, go out as a warrior. Go out and be the best possible version of yourself as physically possible! Take life, knock him/her out and throw him into your oven and bake on high for 2-3 hours! You need to wake up each and day with a positive attitude or else life will constantly show up when you least expect it. You might be at your kid’s birthday party and singing happy birthday. Then at the corner of your eye you see life and sit down and start to cry. But don’t let this happen! Do not be scared of life. Life happens to everyone everyday single day. 

The difference between people is sometimes just attitude. We are all humans, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Don’t be scared to fight back, don’t be scared to look at life and stand tall. Life may have a chainsaw, but I think we all have ovens. Throw life into the oven and just watch it burn. You can and will survive!


Hope for a better tomorrow

I actually haven’t been able to make a post in a while. I was actually on a trip. Well, not really a trip, more of a job interview in a far off land…

I’ll spare you all the details but let’s just say the interview didn’t go as well as I hope. They gave the job to some guy named Jeff. So if you are reading this Jeff, congratulations!! I hope it goes well. If you aren’t reading this, I legitimately think you are very sketchy and you will probably steal company funds to buy muffins in bulk, then sell those muffins at a profit. Typical Jeff behavior…

Anyways, after the interview and everything else I had a few days to just relax and enjoy the foreign land. While I was doing typical tourist stuff I got to thinking. There is absolutely no reason to be upset.

I might have bombed the interview by saying in ten years I expect have the interviewer’s job and his wife. In hindsight it probably wasn’t a good idea to mess around with my friends in my group chat on my phone before such an important interview. I thought they might give me a prep talk, but instead I got into a joking mindframe that I took into the boardroom.

Either way, I realized there’s no reason for me to be upset. I got an interview for a job I was never qualified to do at a salary that would make the Queen of England jealous. Which means that I will probably get another one. There is one thing that I stared noticing that has started to go missing in today’s society. That is hope. People are starting to feel hopeless, like their lives can’t get any better. You might be living in a beautiful house, and driving a wonderful car, but people still feel hopeless. The optimism has slipped through the fingers of society and fallen straight on the floor.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s completely ok to pick up that optimism and take a bite! The optimism might have been covered in germs and been on the floor for 50 years, but it’s not too late. It is never too late for anything ever! Hope is all around us. In that overweight person running on the treadmill in the gym, or that guy who goes into an interview and expects to get a job by implying he will be sleeping with the interviewer’s wife. Hope is in each and every crevasse of the world.

There is so much to be hopeful for! Where I live it’s starting to feel like summer, I expect to enjoy many nights drinking beer alone on my patio and not feel cold. In the winter i would always feel cold when I did that, but not today my friends! Not today! You don’t even have to be hopeful for anything big, like an interview or the new year in December. You can be hopeful about every little thing everyday. You can be hopeful for tomorrow, tell yourself tomorrow will be a good day, and you know what? You are already setting yourself up for success tomorrow. Be hopeful that you will meet a beautiful model and have dinner with him/her. That may never happen, but you know what? There is absolutely no reason why it can’t happen! We live in a world of endless possibilities. Maybe you save the model from a burning speeding car driving through the freeway Maybe you slip and fall and start crying and a model comes and buys you dinner to cheer you up.

There’s absolutely no reason to lose hope in anything in life. You don’t know your future, you haven’t written it in stone. But if you start to lose hope in things, you actually start doing that. You box yourself in. Rather than having limitless potential for living an awesome rockstar lifestyle if you choose, you can lose hope in all your dreams, and live a boring life making subway sandwiches.

There’s absolutely no reason not to be hopeful for things tomorrow, there’s no concrete reason they can’t happen! Have hope! Keep each and every single one of your dreams alive. You could be 80 years old, or 8 months old. It doesn’t matter. Hope is something that each and every human has the power for. Pick up that hope you dropped a long time ago and eat it all!! Even with all the dust and bugs stuck to it, go ahead and eat it all up!! Don’t ever lose hope and keep your head up. You have an amazing tomorrow coming up. Hope can drive that day way past the speed limit in a construction zone and lead you to a fantastic day ahead!

Keep hoping my friends… Keep it alive each and everyday.

Bring back that childhood spirit

Today I went for a jog. For no particular reason other than it was a Saturday afternoon and I had nothing better to do. It wasn’t particular a great day today. It was cold and rainy, but I still made the most if it when the train subsided. As I was jogging I stepped in several puddles of water and I got my pants completely soaked. I could have been more careful and avoided the puddules, but I just felt the urge to be free. Like when I was when I was a kid. Let me tell you something, it honestly felt like all my stress and problems disappeared for that moment. It was the most fun I’ve had in years! It was an unexplainable, absolutely amazing feeling!

My splashing fun got me wondering, why can’t adults bring back that childhood freedom and fun? Why do all grown-ups have to be so stiff and cold hearted. I have spatulas in my kitchen cupboard that seem to have more fun than some adults now a days. Why exactly is that? Why can’t I just eat candy until I get a tummy ache? Or dress up in a costume and face paint and go out for candy in Halloween? Better yet, why can’t I just put on face paint and go to my supermarket to buy candy? Why do grown-ups look so boring and stressed out?

I remember as a kid when I went to the supermarket I would run around the aisles and touch everything. My parents never really stopped me, so I still just touch everything in the store. But somewhere along the line I became grown up, and stopped running through the aisles. I think we need to bring back that childhood spirit every once in a while in our daily routine. Maybe draw with crayons on your walls, or try to eat a bowl of Cheerios with milk with your hands and make a mess.

These things are all so minor that you can easily clean up. But I guarantee you, it will be the most fun you have had in decades! Let loose and be free and wild! Bring back that childhood spirit that bills and cheap whisky has killed off over the years.

I’m completely a grown up. I know I am. As you get older, you see that more things get taken away from you. Don’t like that childhood spirit just die. Maybe ring the doorbell of your neighbor and run away, or sneak into their house when they aren’t home and steal their remote. If you can see the neighbor’s TV through your window you can change the channel to all the adult stuff. I’m sure your neighbor would love it, and so would you!

There’s no real downside to bringing back your childhood spirit. It’s all just small minor stuff, like upset tummies, or having to clean your walls. Seriously, you should clean your walls anyways, why not just have some fun with it before hand? So some finger painting, go outside and ride bikes with a some black guy named Jamal. The possibilities are honestly infinate, the black guy could be named whatever you like!

Seriously, the world is filled with stuffy boring people who just pay bills and feel like they aren’t allowed to have fun. But let me tell you something readers, you are completely allowed to have fun. I’m not saying that you should neglect your bills or your adult stuff, like kids. You can maybe neglect your wife if she’s admiral jerkface. But that’s up to your discretion.

The main thing I’m just trying to say is bring back that childhood freedom, wimsy, wonder, and fun! We might have become grown ups, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have childhood fun anymore. Be awesome, be yourself, let loose, and be fun! You will be absolutely glad you did!

Journey to positivity

Today I got asked how I always stay so positive even though I’ve dealt with my fair share of trauma. The complete honest answer is there is absolutely no single way you can just stay positive. If anyone is a fan of Lord of the Rings or Internet memes you know that Boromir once said “One simply does not walk into Mordor.” My response to that is  “Shut up Boromir! What do you even know? You are dead!” The thing is, he kinda was right though. Even though he died, he was onto something. One simply does not do something positive, like throw an evil ring into a volcano, without an immense journey of self discovery and suffering.

Boromir might have been an idiot saying you can’t simply walk into Mordor, but Frodo proved him wrong! But to prove him wrong, Frodo sacrificed his mind, body and soul. So what I like to say to others when they ask how I am so positive is “One simply does not become positive”. It’s an endless life long journey.

You can always fake positivity. Nothing shows more positivity then going into work dressed from head to toe like a clown. When your boss asks why you are dressed as a clown, you can just reply saying “I’m just spreading the joy!” But of course, that’s just a bandaid solution. Just because you look like a million dollars, it doesn’t actually help you feel more positive on the inside. It might make you more attractive to the opposite sex though, so that might help your mood. But again, overall it won’t help too much on the inside. No matter how many pounds of fun clown make up you apply, it won’t help you feel positive on the inside.

The only real thing that can actually help you feel more positive is a lengthy journey of self discovery. One thing that will always remain true is that everyone on this planet is different. Even those Starbucks drinking hipsters with moustaches. They might all look the same, but inside they are all different. The things that make one person happy, won’t make the next person happy. Everyone defines happiness in their own special way. This is why it’s so hard to just simply help someone to be more positive.

Each and every individual needs to go out and do things that makes them happy. I can’t tell you what makes you happy. I’m not your mom. To be fair, even your mom can’t tell you what makes you happy. To become more positive in life, you have to slowly implement things that make you happy in your daily routine. That way you start looking forward to certain things in your daily routine, and you start to feel like there’s some good things happening in the world. I think happiness is the bridge to positivity. Once you get on that road things will look better. You might start off on the road riding a turtle and going a snail’s pace. Eventually you will get to a point where you can steal someone’s private jet and fly down the road.
But that’s only if you keep going.

If you get scared and start letting the darkness and negativity creep back into your life you will have to start over. The jet is gone and the turtle will have run off, so your will just have to walk. But the key is to keep moving forward! Never, even for a moment feel hopeless, scared or lost. You have friends and family that love you and absolutely want you to be happy. They want to help you get on that road and across the bridge. Sam carried Frodo for the final stretch of the journey, so can your friends and family. You just need to ask for help sometimes.

I think it all l begins inside you, you just have to keep enjoying the small things in life. Everyday things that you really love and enjoy. If you have a bad day, or bad week or even a bad month, that’s completely ok, as long as overall you keep moving forward.

It’s an extremely long and difficult process. You have to fight and claw your way to happiness each and everyday. The world is exactly what you make of it. If you start enjoying the small bits that life has to offer, then you will get to a better place in life. It’s a terribly difficult ordeal, but I feel like if Frodo can go through that horrendous journey and still have a smile on his face at the end so can you! You just have to fight for your happiness. Make Boromir proud of you!

Always look up. Never settle

Today while I was at work I got a strange text. It was from my ex-wife. She said she wanted to get coffee tomorrow night. What I wanted to reply and say was “I would love to!! That way I can throw burning hot coffee in your face!” Instead I just simply replied “I’m busy at work this week, maybe next week?” The problem was that I didn’t want to see her. Like ever again. I’m not scared of her, nor do I hate her. I would like to throw coffee in her face because then she would know what it feels like to be burned. She burned me in ways that even ten boiling hot pots of coffee couldn’t match. But anyways enough about her soul crushing non coffee burned face.

The thing this text made me realize is that sometimes it’s hard for people to move on. I know when she took my box of honey nut Cheerios and walked out of the house had a lot of trouble adjusting. I knew I made some mistakes, but I was only human. I didn’t have a big moment that drove her away. I didn’t sleep with the neighbor’s wife, no matter how hot she was. It was just a culmination of small stuff. Like forgetting to buy that extra box of Cheerios, or not eating my vegetables.

I think what I realized is that I really did need to move on. If my ex wanted to start things up again, I shouldn’t settle. There was actually a saying that has come up a couple times this week. It goes “you deserve what you settle for” I feel that’s absolutely true. If you want to marry a chipmunk who keeps scratching and destroying your house. You are completely entitled to. But if that’s exactly what you want, then I guess you deserve to have that. The same goes with human mates. If you just want to propose to the first person you meet at 3am at a glow in the dark mini golf arena, feel free! But I guess that’s what you end up deserving.

I think all I’m trying to say is to never settle. Not for anything! Not for your mate, not for your job, not even for your salad dressing. If you feel like you deserve better, then you definitely do. But if you want to settle for that boring ranch dressing that’s awesome too! Some people love ranch dressing so it works out anyways. It honestly all depends on the person. No one else in the world can tell you what you deserve or what makes you happy. You have to decide for yourself.

If you are happy with what you have right now, then that’s perfect! If you aren’t happy then maybe it’s time for a change, maybe grab that jalapeƱo chipotle aioli! Just most important thing is to never ever settle! You might regret it for the rest of your life. Sure, if you don’t like a dressing you can just go to the store, sneak the bottle in your jacket and then sneak exchange it with a brand new better flavor of dressing. But you can’t do that with a spouse. Trust me… I’ve tried.

Show your loved ones they matter

Getting sick really sucks. It always has and it always does. Even having an average run of the mill cold makes completely forget how things are when you weren’t sick. You take for granted all the days you just normally could breath through your nose and when your throat didn’t hurt. But after you get better, you feel great, and you take your health for granted again. You completely forget all the days you suffered with a sore throat. Then later on, when you least expect it, I’m sure you will get sick again and want to go back to the days you were healthy. It’s a vicious cycle that doesn’t ever end.

The thing I realized is if people take their health for granted, I’m sure they take other people for granted too. I can’t say that I’m not guilty of this. I’m sure everyone has taken someone for granted in their life.

My friend once told me a story of his drug dealer getting sent to prison, for you guessed it… Insider trader. He was actually a full time banker on wallstreet and he got canned for the big financial crisis in 2008. Anyways, so my friend lost his drug dealer and he had no where to turn to. He actually ended up going clean because of it. But before he was clean, he realized how much he took his drug dealer for granted. He did so much for the guy, and he never really got a chance to thank him. He could have and really should have visited his dealer in jail, but he got lazy, and kinda never did. The guy soon got out of prison and my friend lost the once in a life time chance of meeting a friend in jail.

The problem is this: when people have the chance to show people they care, they just don’t show it. Today is in fact mother’s day, I could have taken my mom out to a wonderful brunch, sat and talked with her and tell her I would call her and visit later, but never visit her again until her birthday. Instead, what I did was go to her house and I’m planning on spending the week here. I really do have the most wonderful mother, and there’s no other way I can show her I care than to let her take care of me again.

My kids of course got to spend mother’s day with their mom and that good for nothing baker who can bring home fresh garlic bread everyday. But my mom is going to wake up every morning to fresh garlic bread I made specifically for her. And if she doesn’t like garlic bread, I’ll just put some sauce and cheese on it and call it a mini pizza bun. Then if she gets tired of those, most people would just stop making the bread. But I know my mom deserves the absolute best in the world. So I will go the extra mile and make the most tasty garlic pizza bread the world has ever known!! All because she truly really deserves it.

I guess all I’ll really trying to say is just go that extra mile once in a while. Show people you really care. If my friend had visited his drug dealer in prison and brought him garlic bread, it would have made him so happy, but unfortunately he just didn’t. So I guess what I suggest to all my readers is go out and show your loved ones you really really care. Show your friends and family how much they mean to you. Maybe sneak into their house and make garlic bread at 3am so when they wake up they have fresh garlic bread. Obviously showing you care doesn’t always have to be about bread, in fact the non bread related gestures are sometimes the best. But what I’m saying is, go that extra mile once in a while and show people you really care. Sometimes the small gestures can have the biggest impact. So show your loved ones how much you care!! They will love you even more for it!

Kick your routine to the trash

Today after work I felt like having an ice cream. It wasn’t a particularly warm day, but it was decent. The problem was that the closest McDonald’s or Burger King or any place that would have ice cream was 15 minutes away in the opposite direction of my house.

The problem I was facing was that my want for an ice cream cone wasn’t strong enough to actually go out and get the ice cream. What I actually wanted was just a detour from my regular route. So I actually did head out towards McDonald’s, but I had no intention of actually stopping for the ice cream. I just wanted a break from my boring routine. Going to and from work everyday, the same road, the same route. I have even seen the same exact people on my commute. I also see people parking in the exact same parking spots everyday.  I really just wanted a break from it.

On my detour I actually had such an amazing time. I saw things I never even knew existed! I actually saw a mall I never knew about. So, I thought why not? I stopped in at the mall, and the deals were absolutely inedible! I think it was an outlet mall, I’m not exactly sure. I just know I will probably have to remortgage my house and sell my car to pay for everything I bought. I got so much and I actually had a lot of fun. I hadn’t been to a mall in several years. To be honest, I haven’t even bought new clothes in over a decade.

I usually just reuse my same torn underwear every couple days, and I’m too lazy to wash my clothes, so I usually wait a couple months. It actually helps keeps the clothes in better condition for longer. I’m not a slob, app the clothes are never actually dirty. They look and smell completely ok, so I don’t really feel the need to wash them.

Anyways, today was actually the most fun I have had in several years. This day even tops the day I lost my virginity. It wasn’t actually just the shopping. For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel rushed, and I broke my daily boring routine. I did something new and it was more fun than if I lost my virginity to two girls at the same time! It was incredible!

I really think everyone needs a break from their boring routine once in a while. You might have to sell a kidney on the black market to pay for it. But that’s life. Just because I emptied my wallet today, doesn’t mean you have to. There’s tons of free things you can do to break your boring routine. Maybe you can go to the park and steal pine cones, or go to the rich part of town and Instagram pictures of you in front of fancy cars so it looks like you are cool.

People get sucked into their daily routine and become hypnotized by it. The moment you break that routine becomes an eye opening experience. I really want everyone to enjoy that experience once in a while because everyone deserves it! So break and routine and have fun once in a while. You will fee rejuvenated, fresh, and happy for it! Go out and enjoy your life!

Enjoy the outernet of the world

I haven’t been able to write a blog in quite a while because I had to get my wisdom teeth removed. Not only was it an extremely painful recovery. It made me hungry for food that I don’t even like. I usually hate milk and cookies but all week I just had a craving for milk and cookies. I’m sure you have all experienced something similar where if you can get it, you don’t even want it! But when you can’t have it, you want it more. That’s exactly why girls like guys that are hard to get, but the ones that go crazy eyes for them, they just friend zone.

I’ve been in the friend zone much too often. It’s a horrible place to be if you have feelings for someone. So whatever you do guys, just play it cool, and things might turn out better in the future.

One thing I did when I was recovering was put away all my devices. I didn’t really feel like talking or texting anyone so I just threw my devices in my basement. I didn’t care if they were broken. I just wanted them far away from me.

While I was on a break from my phone and tablet and everything else, I realized what I was missing. The sky looked so blue, there was a rabbit running around in my backyard, I saw two squirrels getting “busy”. I realized how much we spend our lives inside our phones. Just going ” tick tick tick tick” when there is a whole wide world out there with beautiful things to see and do.

I feel the world isn’t present in this world anymore. We are all lost in the internet. I’m sure you have seen movies were robots become smarter than humans and take over the world? Well, I think it’s the complete opposite! We are becoming the robots, and the humans are just becoming extinct.

I think everyone needs to work on becoming more present with reality. There’s amazing things to see and do out in the real world! We should be enjoying it all!

Plus I just realized, everything is about to tie in together. There’s real people outside in the real world! If anyone is feeling lonely and wants a date, you should be going out and doing things where you can meet new people. Honestly, people on the internet suck! Me included. A lot of people are meeting dates online, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. So going outside makes things so much more real.

I hope everyone can spend some time and really enjoy the outernet of this world. The internet has us all hypnotized like maniquins. Go outside and have fun!

Make mistakes and get messy

This weekend was the best weekend of my life. I owe it all to positivity.

I had a date with a beautiful girl this weekend and it was the best weekend of my life! The date itself went awful but I had too much fun not to share my experience with you readers at home.

When I got to my date I was about 30 minutes late. That was only because last minute I stopped and wanted to get flowers, but the flower shop was closed. I didn’t realize that 9:00 PM wasn’t an appropriate time to try to buy flowers. But hey, you live and you learn. After the flower shop I decided since I’m late, I have to show up with something so that I have proof, like this is why I was late, I stopped to get you this! So I decided to maybe to just grab some chocolates. The thing is, when I’m nervous I start to eat, so while I was driving I decided to just rip open the box and have at it. It was a short 5 minute drive from the gas station to the date, but in that time I had finished the entire box. But let me tell you my friends, that was the greatest box of chocolates that I had. Not because they were high quality chocolates (I’m pretty sure they were expired). The reason why it was the greatest box of chocolates I had was simple.

It was the first date I was going to have in several years, and I finally felt ready to get back out there and start seeing new people. That box of chocolates symbolized my future. I was ready to live my life, and have fun and do whatever I wanted again.

When I finally got to the date, she was understandably angry and upset. I really should have atleast texted her to let her know I would be late. But hey, this is all learning experiences. I knew this definitely wouldn’t work, she was way too angry. But I knew there were other women out there, so I was happy. After a few horrible, and unnecessary jokes, she angrily got up and left, leaving me alone at the table. Most people would be crushed, but for some stupid reason, I just sat there alone, with a huge smile on my face.

I realized something at that moment, each and everyday, every single experience we have is a learning experience. By all means, this was a horrible date, but it was the first I had in a very long time. I knew the mistakes I made today, and I knew I wouldn’t ever repeat them. The whole day was a perfect learning experience, and I’m so happy to have gone through it.

Next time, I know to buy flowers and chocolate in advance. That way atleast I can know the flowers won’t be dry and the chocolates won’t be expired. I learned if I’m late, I probably should let the person know, I learned not to make stupid jokes about how silly she looks angry. I learned so much on my date, and it was all because of experience. I sat and had my dinner, and I enjoyed the meal very much, only because I knew that I would be ok. I knew that I will learn from my mistakes and I have a bright future ahead.

I think all the readers here can take that message to heart. As long as you learn from your mistakes, you will always be ok and will always have a brighter future!

How I scored a date with a beautiful lady

I would up today in a really great mood. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and I actually knew whose bed I was in. So all in all it was a great morning. I went into work with a huge smile on my face, not because it was a particularly great day, but I just woke up really happy. Instead of my regular middle finger I give to my boss, I actually smiled and said good morning.

I sat down and actually did work today, and I realized the time goes by really fast when you are working. Before I knew it, it was already lunch time!

Today I decided to take the stairs down to the cafeteria, because why not? The day was going amazingly, why not keep it going? So I took the stairs down and while I was going down the stairs, I saw a really beautiful lady walking up. I smiled and said hello. She smiled back and said hi! I didn’t think much about it, but as we passed each other, I couldn’t help but check her out once more, so I turned my head around as I passed and I noticed she looked too! I just thought in my head “wow, she is really hot” I wanted to say something else, but I was worried I would say something stupid so I kept my mouth shut and kept walking.

I finally made it safely down the stairs without incident after fantasizing about how amazing she would probably be in bed. I walked to the cafeteria keeping the big smile on my face. I picked out my food and for some odd reason it took unusually long to prepare. But it really didn’t matter to me, I felt like taking an extra long lunch break today. I was in a really great mood!

I bought my chicken pad thai, and I even had a coupon for it, so this day really did just keep getting better and better. As I grabbed a table and sat down to eat. I realized I forgot my chop sticks. I didn’t want anyone to steal my delicious food, so I took my food with me, but I knew I would basically forfeit my table. It’s ok I thought, the chop sticks are worth it. So I went back inside and low and behold, that beautiful lady I met in the stairs was there cashing out for her meal! I quickly grabbed my chop sticks and walked up to the lady. I said “hey! We meet again!” She said yeah! And giggled.

I asked if she wanted to sit-down somewhere and have lunch together and she actually agreed! We sat and talked the whole lunch break. I told her all about how i hate lettuce and my fear of cabbages. I actually ended up getting her phone number and she wanted to meet up after work tomorrow! I was so amazed and happy! It’s my first date I’ve had in several years.

The thing I realized is that had I not been in such a good mood, I probably wouldn’t have taken the stairs and then I would have missed out completely on this date. Had I not been happy and smiling and in such a fantastic mood none of today would have happened. What I realized today is that when you are in a good mood, and you are happy, good things happen. Somehow the positivity grew and made me have one of the best days of my life.

I think if you are happy, good things just start happening. I think from now on, I will keep this huge smile on my face and I think things will turn out awesome!

I will try my best not to ruin my date tomorrow, and hopefully I can share some date tips with you next time. It is my first date in over 2 years, so I’ll be going in as a rookie for sure. But that’s still tomorrow. For now I just want to tell all my readers that good things happen if you are positive. Good days just find a way of getting better. Hopefully you readers can take something away from this experience and try for yourself.

Maybe you can find yourself a hot date? At the very least you might somehow end up looking like a crazy person who can’t stop smiling. It really doesn’t hurt to try.